University of Kordofan

Deanship of Graduate Studies & Scientific Reseach

Administrative Organization of the Deanship

  1. The Deanship shall have a council, dean, registrar and co-coordinator of specialized programs.

  2. The Deanship supervises the following Councils:

  1. Research Council of Faculty of Natural Resources & Environmental Studies.

  2. Research Council of the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences.

  3. Research Council of Faculty of Education.

  4. Research Council of Faculty of Business Studies.

  5. The Faculty of Science Research Council.

  6. Research Council of the Faculty of Arts.

  7. Research Council of the Faculty of Computer Studies and Statistics.

  8. Research Council of Research Center of Gum Arabic.

  9. Research Council of Center for Peace Studies & Development.

  10. Research Council of Faculty of Engineering research Center.

Deanship Council:
1. Formation of the council of the Deanship:
  1. Dean of the Deanship as chairman

  2. Deputy Vice-chancellor: as member

  3. Secretary of Academic Affairs: as member

  4. Deans of Faculties/Institute and Centers: members of the University

  5. Deans of Deanship of Libraries member

  6. Registrar of the Deanship Reporter

  7. Three members from outside the University representing research and training institutes in the state appointed by the Senate council on the recommendation of the Secretary of the Deanship

2. The function of the deanship and glossary terms:
  1. The following are the functions and specialties of the deanship

  2. To develop general policies for the deanship and approve of plans and programs and make the budget.

  3. To submit recommendation to the Senate for approval of academic programs provided by research councils of Faculties, institutes and centers of the University

  4. To forward recommendation to the Senate to approve of the regulations governing post-graduate studies and scientific research.

  5. To accept students for postgraduate studies at the University in accordance with the regulations governing these Faculties, institutes and centers.

  6. To provide for supervisors and examiners on the recommendation and of Faculty’s institutes and centers councils.

  7. To forward recommendation to the Senate to grant academic degrees.

  8. To develop general policies to serve graduate students.

  9. To give consultative advice to the Secretary on matters related to his duties performance.

  10. To approve of the annual report of the council of Senate

3. The meetings of the deanship Council:

1. The Deanship council meets four times a year.

2. Faculties: Institutes and Centers Research Boards.

Establishment of Research Council: each Faculty, Institute, Center council concerned with postgraduate studies shall establish Research Board composed of a five members from among the teaching staff presided by the dean of faculty, institute, center or a vice dean.

Tasks of Research Councils:
  1. To recommend for approval of postgraduate programs in Faculties, institutes or centers.

  2. To follow up the implementation of postgraduate programs in Faculties, institutes or centers.

  3. To recommend extension, freezing or terminating freezing of student’s study.

  4. To recommend the nullification of registration or readmission of the student.

  5. To recommend termination of the study for a student.

  6. To recommend the approval of the student’s supervisor’s names.

  7. To recommend approval of dissertation titles and theses.

  8. To recommend approval of examination committees.

  9. To develop regulation for its work.

  10. To select co-coordinators.

Co-ordination between the Deanship and Faculties/ institutes/ Centers.

  • The appointment of coordinators: Each Faculty/institute or center is assigned to the Secretariat which appoints a coordinator from research council members.
  • The functions of the coordinator:
  1. To submit research council recommendation to the deanship.

  2. To follow up duties of research council with deanship registrar.

  3. To receive correspondence coming from the Deanship for implementation or presenting to research council of Faculties/institute/center.

  4. To provide the Deanship with information and data concerning post graduate studies in Faculty/ institute/ center when registered.

  5. To notify the Deanship of expiry dates of registration and start of study or research of the students.

  6. To notifying the Deanship of any delay in the study of the students and the state the causes of delay.