University of Kordofan

Deanship of Graduate Studies & Scientific Reseach

Glossary of Terms (Glossaries)

In these regulation unless the context refers to another meaning, the term shall have the meanings explained before each:

University: University of Kordofan:

Faculty/Institute/Centers or Department carrying out duties of higher studies namely teaching or research.

Deanship: Deanship of postgraduate Scientific Research

The Senate: Council of Senate of the University of Kordofan

The Deanship: The Deanship of Postgraduate & Scientific Research.

(Deanship Board: The board of Postgraduate & Scientific Research)

((The Faculty (research) Board/Institute/Centers or Department to supervise higher studies and scientific research))

Department Council: Is a council headed by the head of the particular department

In addition to all the teaching staff in the Department.

Registrar: Is the registrar of (deanship) the Deanship of Post graduate &.Scientific Research.

Co-coordinator: Is the person selected by council of Faculty/Institute/ Center Researches to implement the graduate and research programs.

Student: Is the refers to a student registered in any of the graduate programs at the University