University of Kordofan

Deanship of Graduate Studies & Scientific Reseach

Graduate Programs

  1. The Deanship supervises the programs of high diploma, master and doctoral degrees in the department, Faculties, institutes and registration procedures for these programs are determined by the regulations organizing in the concerned departments, Faculties, institutes and center of University.

Duration of the study and supervision.

  1. The duration of the study for degrees awarded by the University are as follows:

  1. Postgraduate diploma should be accomplished in the duration of one year, maximum two years.

  2. Master degree: in minimum two years and four successive year as maximum including extension and freezing.

  3. PhD: in a minimum of three years, and continuous six years as maximum including time of extension and freezing.

  1. Supervision: the supervision system concerning the graduate students at the University is as follows:

A: diploma:

  1. Each student is supervised by one supervisor nominated from among the staff members by department council to the faculty/institute who should hold a degree of assistant professor at least.

  2. The supervisor is to be in degree of assistant professor at least.

  3. The supervisor should not be registered as postgraduate student.

B: Master:

i. Number of supervisors for one master degree student should not exceed two

if necessary.

ii. The supervisor is to be nominated by department council; Nominated persons should be forwarded to research council of faculty, institute or centers

iii. The supervisor must be a PhD holder.

IV: Any staff member registered in any post graduate program is not entitled to supervise or instruct master’s student except through accepted justification by Deanship council.

v. A supervisor is to submit periodic report every three months on progress of the student to the Secretary.

C: PhD:

i. One or more supervisors if necessary may supervise a PhD student provided that one of them is a staff member in the University.

ii. Supervisors are nominated by department council to Faculty/institute/ center research council to recommend to Deanship Council.

iii. The supervisor should have least one of the requirement at minimum:

  1. Professorship.

  2. Associate Professor with PhD.

  3. Assistant Professor with PhD provided at least five years time for awarding the degree, during which he/she supervised a considerable number of master students.

  4. The supervisor is to submit periodic reports on the progress of student’s study to the Secretary every three months.