University of Kordofan

Deanship of Graduate Studies & Scientific Reseach

Regulations of Graduate Studies

Pursuing the provisions of Article (25-2) of the statues of the University of Kordofan for the year 1991, the Council of Professors issues the following regulations:


Postgraduate Studies Programs in the University of Kordofan include High Diploma, Master and Doctorate degrees according to the conditions and regulations stipulated in these regulations and detailed in programs of departments, Faculties, research centers and different institutes in the University, Deanship of postgraduate studies and scientific research supervises all these programs.

Preliminary provisions Name of the Regulation and date of putting action

  1. This is called the Regulations of postgraduate studies and it organizes the relationship between the University and its students in postgraduate level.

  2. Faculties, institutes and centers of the University shall publish the regulations for the postgraduate students so as to be acquainted with its provision.

  3. To suspend or modify any item in these regulations, the senate of professors is referred to through the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies so as to take the final decision and to declare the amendments formally.

  4. The provisions of these regulations shall be valid after approval by the Senate of professors and signing of chairman of the Senate.